About the Villa

Villa Illyrik is located on the shore of The Bay of Kotor, Risan, 100 meters from the beach.

The villa has its own green area. There are 20 rooms with pleasant interior and southern orientation towards the beach.

Every room is equiped with air-conditioner, shower, satellite TV and spacious terrace. The villa has been recently furnished and have the atmosphere of comfort. Every room has a beautiful view of the sea and mountains.


The villa has 20 rooms that are comfortable both for indifidual and family recreation.

Small rooms are perfect for 1-2 persons and large ones are best for 2-6 people.

The villa has its own spacious parking. Also the laundry is always at you service.

Besides everyday care of You we can provide informational help in selecting the excursions, best restaurants and rent-a-car services.

Using a rented car You can can choose a new place for recreation every day. Drive all over the sea coast of Montenegro, from fortress walls of Herzen Novi to the shores of nudist beaches of Ada Bojana river. On the way You will be happy to face cordial receipt of numerous resort towns and unique sceneries that you won’t see on any excursion.

We can set up a reception in airport and transfer to the Villa on your request.

The villa is available Internet services.